We are a Florida and Georgia adoption agency.


We are dedicated to providing COMPASSION, RESPECT, and LOVING CARE to each individual on their unique adoption journey. We are committed to HONORING and NURTURING expectant mothers through PREGNANCY, BIRTH, and LIFE AFTER PLACEMENT.


Considering adoption for your child? 

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We provide information and support without judgement or pressure.

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or are unsure about parenting, there are other options. At Adoption Authority we can provide you with the information you need to make informed pregnancy decisions, without telling you what to do. We can help you explore resources that can help you parent if that's your choice, and we can explore the path of placing your child with an adoptive family. 

The kind and caring professionals at Adoption Authority know that you need to make the best decision for YOU. We would be honored to help you determine if making an adoption plan is right for you - without any pressure. 

There is much to consider when deciding to place your child for adoption. We understand this is a very stressful time. Even under the best circumstances pregnancy can be overwhelming. At The Adoption Authority YOU will always be treated with compassion and respect, regardless of your pregnancy decision. We will work together as you make plans for your future and the future of your child. 

Our caring staff is available when you need us, both during your pregnancy and after. You are not alone. 


You are not alone

Call Adoption Authority at 904-236-6776 with any questions you have about adoption or other unplanned pregnancy options.

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