Hoping to adopt? 

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Congratulations on the decision to expand your family! At The Adoption Authority we are thrilled to be a part of your journey. We are different from other agencies because we care deeply for our expectant parents and for you too. We know each family is unique just as each situation is unique. We work to honor your wishes, stay within your budget and help you understand the options available to you. 

We have offices conveniently located in Jacksonville, Florida and St. Simons, Georgia.  We work with families nationwide, and would love to work with you too! 


Adoption Home Study


Your home study provides an accurate portrayal of your family life, past and present.

Adoption Authority is able to start and complete your home study in a timely manner. We are willing to work around your schedule and we will begin processing your application immediately upon receipt.

It is our desire at Adoption Authority to make your Home Study smooth and seamless. We want to take the worry out of this part of your adoption!  We are here to guide you through the process and are always available for questions.

You will receive caring and friendly home study visits and services. We can provide you with a report that is tailored to your specific adoption needs. We are constantly educating ourselves on the changes in Domestic adoption laws so that we are better able to provide you with information that is accurate. We can also work directly with other placing agencies, to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled in your home study report.

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Adoption Home Study Fees :

  • Florida Home Study $2,100

    (includes up to 3 post placement visits)

  • Georgia Home Study $2,400

    (includes up to 3 post placement visits)

  • Application Fee is waved when Adoption Authority prepares your home study.

Already Have a Home Study?

  • Application Fee and Home Study Review $500


The application process for adoptive families

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As a hopeful adoptive parent there are five steps to beginning your adoption journey with us. 

1. Phone Call: Schedule a 30 minute introductory phone call with our Client Services Coordinator, Linda by Clicking Here

2. Application: Complete The Adoption Authority Agency Application. Click here to download an application. Submit your application fee.

3. Welcome Email: Receive your welcome email that allows access to our electronic document center.

4. Documentation: Complete and upload required documentation to our electronic document center.

5. Complete Profile: You'll need a profile created and information hosted on our website. Download this form to learn more. 


We offer complete child placing services to those who would like to adopt a child within the United States. Our network of attorneys, adoption agencies, and hospitals can open doors to many possibilities for adoption locally or across the country.

The cost of domestic adoption varies greatly depending on the adoptive situation. We will work within your budget. Our goal is to provide quality services at the lowest financial risk for hopeful adoptive families.

We will help you walk through your adoption journey with confidence and the excitement that should accompany the prospect of welcoming a child into your family.

waiting families beginning adoption journey hope apply florida georgia agency adoption authority

Schedule an informational phone call with our Client Services Coordinator by