Happy couple from Virginia hoping to adopt a child

Amber and Tim

Happy couple from FLorida hoping to adopt a child

Hi! We are AMBER and TIM and we THANK YOU for taking the time to read about us!

We cannot begin to comprehend the decision and sacrifice you will be making. Even though we have never met, we know you are truly a special and remarkable person. We know by making this decision you only want the best for your child, and we respect your desire to find the right family to love and cherish your baby.

Amber and Tim


Happy loving couple from Florida excited to adopt a child and share special memories



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Happy loving couple from Florida ready to adopt a child and share acute baby room


for taking to time to get to know a bit more about us! We know choosing a family to place your baby into is the most difficult and selfless thing any person can do. If there is anything additional you would like to know, please feel free to ask!

Regardless of the decision you make, please know that we are praying for you, your baby, and your family. If we happen to be one of the families you select to meet, we would be extremely honored; regardless,we firmly believe God will continue to guide you to the right couple! In the meantime, we are praying that God will provide you with the strength, discernment and abundant love necessary to make whatever decision is going to be best for you and your child.

Amber and Tim



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