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Dear Birth Parents,

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We know this is not an easy decision for you, and we pray for you and your child every day.

During our first week of dating, we talked about our hopes for future children and the possibility of adoption. Now, we are excited to expand our family and make our dream come true. We are both very close to our families and love kids. Ann was a kindergarten and first grade teacher for 16 years and now is an assistant principal at a diverse elementary school. Tony worked in K-12 schools for many years and now is the director of a meditation center on a college campus. Our faith is very important to us. We believe God is love and we are excited to share that love with a child.

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We promise to love your child totally and completely. We promise to work at being the best parents we can be for your child. We promise to give your child a life full of faith, hope and love. We promise to maintain a strong marriage in order to provide a healthy and joy filled family for your child. We promise to surround your child with family and friends who help nurture and encourage him or her. We promise to model and inspire life-long learning and expose him or her to a variety of rich and meaningful experiences. We promise to celebrate your child's adoption story, honor your place in that story, and stay connected to you. We promise to share the love you have for him or her and the strength you had to make an adoption plan.

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