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ashley and joshua

We are Ashley and Joshua from Southern Georgia and we can’t wait to adopt a child!

To a very special person,

We have dreamed of parenting for several long years now, and we are grateful for the love and compassion you are showing your child by taking this journey.

We are so honored that you have chosen to consider us as perspective parents for your child! We know this is not an easy journey for you but know that we will devote our lives to making sure your child has the very best and is raised in a nurturing and loving home. We hope this profile will show you a glimpse into our lives and the life your child would have growing up as part of our family. Thank you again for choosing to consider us!

We have been together for nine years and married for eight. We were a classic “love at first sight” couple. Joshua had already started his career and Ashley was a year away from graduating college. Joshua has been in law enforcement for 10 years and is currently an officer at our local Police Department. Ashley has been a Special Education teacher for 9 years and is currently teaching children with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities. In our free time together, we enjoy spending time at Joshua’s family farm hunting, fishing and exploring. We also enjoy playing card games with each other, and spending time with our two dogs Cornbread and Bessie. We knew from the start of our relationship we wanted to have children and grow our family. With ongoing fertility issues, our hope slowly diminished. We had some trying times and were eventually told having a child of our own was no longer an option. Through all our trials, the Lord laid adoption heavily on our hearts and we are certain this is the journey he has planned for us. Our family has been behind us every step of the way through the good and the bad. 

We have been together for nine years and married for eight. We were a classic “love at first sight” couple.


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About Ashley


About Ashley, by Joshua

My wonderful wife, Ashley, is one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals i have ever had the privilege of knowing. Ashley is a teacher at a local Junior High School and has found her passion teaching special education to the severe and profound children at her school. Ashley has also taught in different areas of the special education program and shows so much passion and love for her job. Ashley enjoys playing card games before bed with me at night and making me laugh even when I don’t feel like I can because of a long day at work. Ashley is the kind of lady that cares so much for people she will put them ahead of herself to see them smile. She has spent more of our money on children from school than I can count, even when it means we don’t get a date night. Ashley just truly loves everybody and that is so very rare to find in today’s world. Ashley can do a job most people wouldn’t even consider, and she is by far, without any question, the best at it. Ashley loves dogs and plays with our two wonderful dogs every day. Ashley loves to read books, for hours, and more hours, until she literally finishes a book with hundreds of pages in one day. I have never seen a woman who can read as much as she does. Ashley really enjoys spending time with her friends from school and getting her nails done. Most importantly she is my best friend and my rock. 


About Joshua


Meet Joshua, by Ashley

When it comes to his family and close friends, Joshua will stop short of nothing to make sure that everyone is taken care of.  

Joshua is very compassionate about his family and his job. As an officer, he works very hard to make our community a better place. He always goes above and beyond in everything he does. One of my favorite things about him is how he can come up with the silliest, most outrageous stories to tell his family or friends just to make them laugh. Often when watching a TV show together, he will begin saying things like “back when I was a doctor…” and come up with the silliest stories! I love to sit back and listen to him play the guitar and come up with his own music. He has a special talent of being able to listen to a song repeatedly and teach himself the chords on the guitar, without ever looking the music up. He has recently taken up woodworking and has built some wonderful pieces. He enjoys woodworking because it gives him the opportunity to use his late grandfather’s shop where he can use all his old tools and things. He will be a great father because of his drive, devotion, sense of humor and big heart. 


One Last Thank You


Thank you again for choosing to view our profile! The courage you have shown to make this decision and travel this journey is outstanding.

Though your journey may be difficult, we know it is a decision made with love for your child and that shall never be forgotten! We are honored that you took the time to learn more about us and hope through this short book, you were able to get a glimpse into our lives and the life we can offer your child. 

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