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Merry Christmas! Barbara, John and Emme ready to celebrate the holidays

Merry Christmas! Barbara, John and Emme ready to celebrate the holidays

Dear Expectant Family,

Sitting down to put pen to paper, and suddenly there are no words. How exactly are we supposed to express our gratitude for even being considered as adoptive parents? How do we convey to you in a single letter who we are as parents, as husband and wife, as friends - as John and Barbara? How do we explain the fear, anxiety, and sleepless nights that we know will come before we get THE CALL? How can we ever imagine the thoughts going through your mind as you read this letter? The easiest thing to do probably is to explain what started us on this unexpected yet exciting journey and continue from there...

John and I always knew we wanted more than one child - we both are the oldest of a sibling duo and agree how much richer our lives have been because of our siblings. After our daughter, Emme, was born, we knew with even more confidence that we wanted her to experience the joy and love that a younger sibling brings. In her five short years, Emme has shown us her endless capacity to love and care for others. When we began trying for a second child, we soon learned that conceiving a child was unlikely, if not impossible. The news was devasting, but over time, that initial devastation softened and evolved into gratitude at the opportunity to grow our family in a different way.

We know, without a shadow of a doubt, we want to open our home and hearts to another child. We want to share that love, pride, and awe we feel for Emme with another little person.

So, if any of what we said intrigues you in any way, please continue to learn more about us. Please keep considering us - take a brief glimpse into our lives together, of the life we have to offer, and a promise we make to you today. We hope that you make a choice that is ultimately best for you and your unborn child - whatever that decision may be.

All our love, John, Barbara, and Emme


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Adoption from the eyes of our 4-year-old:

"Mama, you said I came from your tummy but you got a boo-boo on your belly. So my baby can't grow in your belly. That's OK because the baby will grow in our heart, just in a different lady's belly. Then we can get my baby and we can have a baby belly and a heart baby!"


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Birthdays are a big deal in our family

Birthdays are a big deal in our family

Our Promise to You...

We will raise this baby to have a sense of purpose and a generosity of spirit. We will do all that we can to support, challenge, and raise him/her to lead a life that is fulfilling and genuine. Though we long to add a baby to our family, more than anything, we are grateful for the opportunity to raise the person this baby will become. We promise to care for and love this child. We will raise him/her in an honest, open home that faces challenges without fear.

We want to raise our children to have a strong sense of self. For this baby, that sense of self will include his/her origins in our hearts. We will be sure he/she knows that we can eternal gratitude for you, his/her "belly mama," who first carried him/her in her belly and still carries him/her in her heart. We will carry YOU in our hearts always.

Barbara and John 


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