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Cari & Michael

Cari and Michael Hope to Adopt

Hello Sweet Friend.

I hope as you view our family, it will feel a little like walking through our front door.

You would be greeted with a bustle of activity and noise. It is rarely quiet. We all love to hang out in the kitchen together, and run circles around each other. There is always food cooking , coffee brewing, children playing, and toys to trip over. This is home to us. Loud, busy, and a place to be loved and belong.

We hope you get a glimpse of who we are, but also that you are met with warmth, love, and belonging.


Cari & Michael



Cari and Michael Wish To Adopt

Top 5 traditions

We love soccer!

We love soccer!

  • Hot Cocoa and driving in our PJ’s to look at Christmas Lights

  • Summer trip to South Dakota

  • Apple picking and the pumpkin patch

  • Fall trip to the cabin

  • Celebrating Brazil’s Children’s Day

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A few of our favorite snapshots...

Cari and MIchael hope to adopt again

Favorite things to do at home

Our summer nights look like this

Our summer nights look like this

  • Drink coffee together in the kitchen

  • Build a fire

  • Cozy up to watch our favorite shows and movies

  • Cook together in the kitchen

  • Play and listen to music

Cari and Michael hope to add to their family through adoption

five important things we try to teach our children

  • To love others well

  • To have empathy, compassion and understanding

  • To embrace and celebrate other ethnicities, religions and cultures

  • To be generous

  • To recognize their own value, strength and worth

Cari and Michael hope to adopt
Cari and Michael wish to adopt

The perfect saturday

Dad dancing in the kitchen

Dad dancing in the kitchen

  • Drink Coffee

  • Explore new parks and lakes

  • Hang out in the city and visit Farmer Markets

  • Have Brazilian BBQ

  • Walk around the neighborhood

Cari and Michael Adopt

In closing


Everyday, we seek to create for our children, and others, a place to let their guard down. A place to make mistakes and be met with grace and understanding. A place to belong, to be heard, and to be infinitely wanted, and loved.

Our desire to adopt, goes beyond the desire to grow our family. But to keep our hearts open, to whomever may need it. To love well without expecation. The most life changing words that were ever spoken to me were, " You matter, and you are loved."

Sweet friend, you matter, and you are loved.

It is our hope that during this time that you are filled with an incredible amount of peace and comfort.

Always hanging out together here!

Always hanging out together here!

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