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ellen & dey

ellen dey adopt

Hi! We are Dey & Ellen!

We are so grateful that you are giving us the opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves and our life. We admire your courageous and selfless decision you've made. We are very excited to have another baby to fill our lives with love and joy. We hope that our book will show you the caring and fun-loving parents and people we are.


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ellen dey adopt

a little about us!

ellen dey adopt

We enjoy life and all the memories we've made so far.  We share a lot of the same interests.  We enjoy playing tennis, walking, college football games, hiking and cooking.  We also love watching movies, reading, and music! We play outside a lot with our son.  We take him to the park, bike riding and walking adventures around our neighborhood.  Family is very essential to both of us and they provide wonderful support.  One of the most important things about our relationship is that we laugh and have a lot of fun together whatever we are doing. 

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A few of our favorite snapshots...

ellen dey adopt

vacation spots

We enjoy going to the beach every summer with our families as well as visiting them throughout the year!  We go to Florida, South Carolina and Georgia beaches! We love the beach and our time there with family! 

We also enjoy going to North Georgia and North Carolina mountains to enjoy the cooler weather with the leaves changing, fishing, and exploring.  We also enjoy quick trips to the zoo and aquarium.

ellen dey adopt

ellen dey adopt

Our Promise To You

Thank you for taking the time to look through a glimpse of our life. We are so happy to be on this journey.

Adoption is a true blessing to us and the right path to complete our family.  Our hearts and minds are open and we are ready to be parents again. If we are chosen to raise your child, we will provide the kind of life we both grew up knowing, which is a home filled with love, values, support, and encouragement.

Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

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