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Anthony and Melissa

Hello! We are Anthony, Melissa and Asata!

We cannot express to you how much we admire your strength and courage in making the decision you have made for your baby. If you choose us, please believe that this child will always know that you loved him or her first, and that you entrusted us to multiply that love through our family. 

We always knew that we wanted children together. We had discussed adoption early in our relationship and felt that God was gently moving us in that direction. Once we made the decision to adopt, it was full-steam ahead! We are so very excited about becoming parents together through adoption and welcoming a new baby into our little family!

Our family is full of rich traditions, laughter and joy, and we can’t wait to welcome a new little one into our lives. Our friends and families are as ecstatic as we are about the possibility of us becoming parents through adoption, and are thrilled to embrace this child into our village. 

With love,

Anthony, Melissa and Asata



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Anthony and Melissa Happy Couple Adopt

As parents, we will provide a kind and nurturing environment full of learning and fun experiences. We will read story books, wipe runny noses, kiss scraped knees, fret about last-minute school projects, patch broken toys and soothe broken hearts. We want to prepare your child for a world that may not always be as welcoming as we would hope. This child will be the center of our world, and we will ensure that he or she feels heard, valued, and wanted. Always.

We believe that there are plans that God has for each of us, and though we may not always understand them, we believe that these plans are created to give us a hope and a future. We hold in high regard this amazing decision you are making, to select a family to raise your child, and want you to know that whatever you decide, everything will work out according to God’s plan for our lives. 

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