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neeti and alex

Our entire family cannot wait for the addition of a baby through adoption!

Hello we are Neeti and Alex

Thank you for considering our family for your child!

We hope that the following information gives you a glimpse into our home, personalities and values so that you can see what kind of life your child will have as a member of our family.

We have a warm and welcoming home where your child will always know about you, and about your decision as a selfless act of love and courage. It is important for us to share with you that you will have a special place in our family and will be deeply respected by each of us. We will be forever grateful for the faith you have placed in us, and we hope that you will be comforted by knowing that your child will have our unconditional love and support.

We have been blessed with two children (ages 5 and 3) and have always wanted one more to complete our family. We are now hopeful and excited to expand our family through adoption. Our family is full of adventure, laughter and love. We hope that you will see that we have room in our home and our hearts for your baby.



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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” george bernard shaw

A quiet moment

A quiet moment


Fun Facts About Alex

  • He was a contestant on the gameshow “Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?”

  • He takes improv acting classes

  • He ran the NYC marathon

Fun Facts About Neeti

  • She takes cake decorating classes

  • She was valedictorian of her high school class

  • She volunteers to help people with disabilities obtain employment

Right before our weddidng

Right before our weddidng

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A few of our favorite snapshots...

Cari and Michael Adopt

In closing


Thank you for learning about our family and for considering us for your child.

Please know that we will always discuss adoption openly and honestly with your child and they will know that your decision was made out of love.

Although this may be a difficult time and decision for you, please be assured that your child will be raised in a loving, nurturing and fun home, will attend extraordinary schools and will have our support to pursue interests they wish to explore. We promise to give your child every opportunity to reach their full potential.

Thank you again for considering us. We wish you peace and clarity in this process and all the best for you and baby, whatever you may decide.

Sending you our love,

Neeti and Alex

Pictures by the lake

Pictures by the lake

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