Happy woman from New Mexico hoping to adopt a child

Hello, I am Rebecca

I am honored and excited to share my life with you!

My Story

Thank you very much for providing me this opportunity to reach out an make a possible connection.

I have immense respect for you, as your decision at this time is one filled with the deepest compassion, love and sensitivity. Adoption, is never anyone's plan and takes great courage. I imagine that you must feel a deep connection to your intuition, in making this decision. It is a privilege and a joy to express my maternal yearning with you, as it brings me closer to the actuality of having a child enter my world now! My banner picture is my nephew Gavin, he is from the Tohono O'odham Nation in Arizona, where my older sister, Gaetana was adopted 50 years ago!

Ever since I was a child, I had dreams of beginning a family At this point in my life, I realize that I am meant to be an adoptive mother. I realize that the immeasurable love I have to give, towards raising a child, did not go away simply because I cannot be pregnant. This deep, constant bounty of maternal instinct and desire to nurture a child in my life is so present and strong.


Happy woman from New Mexico hoping to adopt a child

A few of my favorite snapshots...

Happy friendly woman from New Mexico hoping to adopt a child

The future holds joy, light, and wonderful connections to community and family.

I look forward to spending my days loving our family and experiencing life together. We will be sheltered in the sanctuary of my cozy home. Travel will remain a part of our lives. When the child is old enough to travel too, we will earn about our world through safe travels. We will celebrate LIFE and we will celebrate YOU!

I wish for you peace of mind and strength in making this courageous decision. Whatever you decide in considering the future of your unborn child, my hopes and prayers are with you.




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