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andy and sheela

Hello! We are Andy, Sheela and Isaac!

Thank you for reading about us and considering our family to share in your adoption journey. We are excited to show you a glimpse of our lives, so you can see the kind of life your child would have with us. The children in our lives are a constant reminder of life's little joys, and we would be honored to experience the world through your child's eyes. In addition to what you see here, we want you to know that we promise that your child will always know their adoption story, who you are, and most importantly, how much you love them.

Andy, Sheela and Isaac



active Atlanta, Georgia family hoping to adopt

A few of our favorite snapshots...

Sheela and Andy are excited to adopt a child!

We are in awe of your courage in considering an adoption plan...

and acknowledge the selflessness that goes in that decision. If we are chosen to parent your child, they will always know the strength behind this choice. We promise to raise your child in a stable home filled with love and joy. We will instill the importance of kindness, empathy, curiosity, and hard work, and we will honor and respect the person they grow up to be.

And finally, we will share our love and respect of you and your family with them always.

Sheela and Andy

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