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Tiffany & Wadelyn

Tiffany Wadelyn Adopt Adoption Authority Florida

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our family.

We admire your courage and strength in taking this difficult step to choose adoption for your baby. Wherever your journey leads you, we hope you find comfort in knowing that your sacrifice means more than words could ever express. May you find the perfect, loving family you are seeking for your child. As you make your important decision, we hope that this glimpse into our lives will help you get to know us.

Love, Wadelyn and Tiffany

Our Story

We met through mutual friends and started dating in 2009. We dated for 5 years before getting engaged in 2013. We were married a year later on April 12, 2014 in Ocala, Florida. Years of trying to start our family through lifestyle changes, surgeries, and fertility treatments has shown us that our path to parenthood was going in the wrong direction. It took some time but we see now that our journey to becoming parents is through the miracle of Adoption. We are walking this journey together and we could not be more excited and blessed.

Washington DC future dads hoping to adopt

Our Favorite Hobbies

  • ATV Riding

  • Hunting

  • Fishing

  • Gator Football

  • Hanging out with our dogs

  • Spending time with our family

  • Traveling together

  • Being outdoors

Adoptive parents from Washington DC waiting to adopt

Our Favorite Snapshots

Tiffany Wadelyn Adopt Adoption Authority
Wadelyn Tiffany Adoption Authority Adopt Florida
Wadelyn Tiffany Adoption Authority Adopt Florida
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